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An installation in the context of the exhibition re-scaping  2022  at Apothikes Papadaki in Limassol. The exhibition was co-organized by Oasi space and the European program i-portunus.

Comfort Zone is an intervention that mimics the cobblestone roads the artist explored as a theme at her recent artist

in-residency in Leipzig.The installation is ironically comprised of polypropylene foam cubes (the material normally used in mattresses and sofas) making a mockery of the newly cobbled seafront streets in Limassol, which were eventually paved over due to complaints by residents for excessive noise. The work is a critical statement on our society’s inability to step out of their comfort bubble and embrace antifragility in the face of adversity.


                                                                                              text by: Tatiana Ferahian 

Installations: Gallery


The installation was created in the framework of the retrospective exhibition of Christina Papakyriakou under the title  “wonderings of the (un)conscious mind”  at Tag studio  in Limassol - Cyprus in 2016.

Installations: Gallery


The sketches sealed in plastic bags are a mockery of our society’s shocking and sickening obsession for packaging every experience into something that can be labeled instead of felt, packaged and consumed. Eager to eat up the drama with a spoon; we have forgotten how to grieve.

Installations: Gallery
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