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Όαση strives to offer artists all the support they need to promote their work both locally and internationally.

For local exhibitions Όαση is able to work with artists to develop, promote and exhibit their work from start to finish with the minimum costs necessary.

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Artists can use our available spaces to organise and offer their own masterclasses and workshops to the local community. We will take all steps necessary to ensure that artists' events are promoted efficiently and maximise participation with zero to minimum costs.

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Όαση offers a number of residencies to artists around the world who want to visit, work and mix with local artists in the island of Cyprus. 

Through residencies artists are offered a space where they can work and finally exhibit their work to the local art community. 

The organisation provides residency artists with all the tools they need to promote their work locally. 

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In our effort to support local artists, Όαση provides a virtual space for artists to display their work and résumés in our organisations page at minimum cost.

Memberships are available throughout the year and are renewed on an annual basis. 

As a non-profit organisation all proceeds go towards our efforts to develop, promote and organise all our events and fund the running of Όαση.

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