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To promote and highlight cultural creativity in Cyprus by offering an exhibiting platform to all artists that reside on the island, whose art and design projects could otherwise be unacknowledged due to lack of funding and connections with the industry. The organisation will provide a space and a complete marketing platform that will be run by the operations team for artists to exhibit their works to the public with minimal costs.

To promote artistic creativity to the younger generation through a series of public school visits and workshops. 

To internationally expose Cyprus cultural creativity through a number of cooperations with  public and private artistic operators. This will include artistic collaborations with international artists, exhibitions and workshops.

To bridge the gap and create connections between Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot artists through a number of extensive collaborations, master classes and exhibitions that will be offered at the premises of the organisation.

To raise awareness of the latest issues that the art and design community engages with and promote discussion. Interviews with local and international artists will be completed and promoted through online and offline channels of the organisation and an open forum will allow public discussions to take place.

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