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"Christina Papakyriakou’s work often ventures into the surreal and fantastic while exploring the feats of the subconscious and the internal world. Working in mostly acrylic and pencil on canvas, Christina Papakyriakou depicts her figures in an imaginatively distorted style. Peculiar to her figures are the distinctive forms, that project from their heads like tree-branches, antlers or antennae. These seem to project a sense of supernatural energies that evade rational understanding; creating a strong sense of spiritual inquiry, a process of self exploration, as well as a philosophical search for meaning in life and death.

While one would not attempt to analyze these paintings’ specific meanings, it is suffice to say that they project a powerful sense of something esoteric, just beyond understanding. Indeed, one could spend many hours studying the paintings, digesting their symbols, and attempting to decipher their cryptic meanings. However, it seems sufficient to take them at face value, as mysterious and ultimately unknowable manifestations of one woman's search for truth transformed into objects of considerable aesthetic appeal."

© Tatiana Ferahian

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